Miscellaneous Modules

Beaver builder has several small modules that do one particular job.

Most of these are fairly simple to set up.

The Countdown Module: How far away is Christmas in the UK?


The icon module is a great way to build lists

This tick item is called fa-check

This Font Awesome icon is called fa-close

This tick item is called fa-check

There are loads of icons to choose from

This is an icon group

The Map Module

The Tabs Module

What is the tabs module?

The tabs module is an easy way to put more content in less space.

How many tabs can I have?
Can I put photos in tabs?

The Number Counter Module

Wow, that's a big number
How many customers like us?

The Social Buttons

The social buttons module has just three buttons. If a visitor clicks one of these buttons it opens a login box for Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. They can then log in and like or tweet about your page.

Easily build FAQ lists with the Accordion module