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"Wanting to be on the first page of Google is not enough, you have to earn the right to be there"

If what you want is more traffic, leads and sales, then what you need is optimized content and organic SEO


Rank well on the world's favorite search engine using our proven techniques.

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PPC or Pay Per Click advertising can get quick results, if you can afford it!

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Social Media

social media advertising can be cost effective, but buyer beware.

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What do you need to do?

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Create great content buyers are searching for

You want customers in buying mode to visit your site. To make that happen you need to answer all of the questions they are typing into Google.

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Get the code and technicalities right

You don't just have to create good content that your customers are searching for. You have to get the technical side of your site right. Luckily there are tools we can provide that make this much easier for you.

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Build relationships to get backlinks

For a successful SEO campaign you need influential websites, in your industry, to link to your site. But everyone else is asking for this big favor too, so what do you do? Form strategic, reciprocal relationships with influential people.

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Promote the heck out of it

Once you've created the content, optimized it and got some good quality back links, the real work starts. You must now promote your site where ever your prospective customers hang out.

Should you use organic search or pay per click?

Both have pros and cons, but one is long term thinking while the other is a short term fix. To find out more you need to do some serious research. Maybe SEO Mark has the answer.

Penguin & Panda

You may have heard the terms, but what do they mean in regards to SEO? Our half day course, introduction to SEO, will explain all.

White Hat SEO

Our SEO techniques are all based on search best practices. We take a long term view to making your site rank well then keeping your position.


We use a well respected company to create citations for your business. We concentrate on quality sites and accurate listings.